• UT TENT MANUFACTURING BUnique Tents are manufactured in SA according to the highest industry standards. Before manufacturing commence we will consider colour, shape, size and use. We will also take into consideration the tent décor and stretch décor. Your Bedouin Stretch tents are manufactured according to the highest factory standards and are made from a durable weather proof material. Bedouin tents can be used as a stand - alone tent or can be attached to a building as an extension or under cover patio.
    The ideal solution for:
    • Restaurants
    • Street cafes
    • Hotels
    • Homes - braai, under cover stoop or on the terrace

    Bedouin tents can vary in size from a small tent for a function or home use to a large tent for corporate functions or events. Tents sizes can go up to 900 square meter - making it the ideal replacement for marquee tents. Bedouin tents are more flexible in style, shape and size and can easily be moved or changed according to weather conditions or purpose. Our consultants will be able to assist you in making a decision regarding size. If your budget doesn't allow for a custom manufactured tent or you simply want to try a variety of tents before making a decision, see our tent hiring section for various options.
  • UT TENT HIRING These tents will transform any ordinary occasion into something spectacular. Have a look at our events section for ideas. Ordinary outdoor spots can be turned into the ideal wedding or party venue with a Bedouin tent. For your convenience, before you hire a Bedouin tent for your event, we advise that you let our experts visit the site to make an assessment and advice on the suitable tent. YOUR EVENT - Get The Best From Your Bedouin Tent Hire! Our team will do the set-up of the tent before you event and deal with the breakdown of the tent after your special event.

    SAFETY - We also ensure that the tent you hire is secured properly before guest arrive. We are with you at every step, planning the event, how many guests you are expecting, where the tent will be located, what is the expected weather on the day! We go through every detail with you.


    • 100% water- and all weather proof
    • dirt and water repellent
    • high tensile strength, durable fabric
    • variety of colours
    • our material will return to its original shape after use
    • fire retardant material ideal choice for larger festival, cigar lounges and VIP areas
    • easy storage
    • re-usable in a new layout and shape
  • UT BUYING TENTS Making tents to order is one of our passions. We know it is more cost effective to own your own tent, than to hire every time when there is an occasion. From small, intimate affairs to major festivals, wedding tent hire, and any event, our structures are all you need to provide a momentous experience to your guests. Incredibly versatile, the tents are 100% water proof and have unbelievable wind resistance capabilities owing to their shape and tensioned support system.

    There are unlimited varieties of styles, design and sizes to choose from. We are also able to custom make any design you might have in mind, to suit any theme or venue. Our Bedouin tents are infinitely flexible and capable of being set up differently every time by merely changing the height and positioning of the tent poles and fixtures. You can also add spectacular finishing touches with Stretch Décor and Lighting. Our standard range of tent colours suits most requirements. However, if you need a particular colour to suit your brand or fit with a special setting we can match any colour for you.

    Depending on your venue, we can supply a tent up to 600 square meters! Before deciding on a tent size, contact one of our consultants to discuss your requirements. We have approximate size guidelines that can be used to calculate the amount of space required. When contacting us please be sure to mention your seating arrangements, number of guests, special events or happenings, stage or dance floor, bar or reception area required. Guidelines to help you work out an approximate size:
    Formal seating arrangements with tables and chairs provided for all guests: 1.9- 2.6 m² per person
    For more informal functions with either a dance floor and smaller bar tables without chairs 1.1 - 1.6 m²
    Be sure to add a little extra for bar, stage or dance floors.
  • UT Corporate Events Our tents can be manufactured in any colour to suit your events theme and decor. Aside from being endlessly versatile, the tents are easy to transport and can be erected relatively quickly. The tents shape and layout can be adapted by simply repositioning a few poles - this allows for flexibility and change according to your needs and requirements on the day.

    Our tents are not only ideal for outside venues but can just as easily be used indoors to created a tented experience or theme party. The tents protects you from the sometimes harsh and unexpected weather conditions - our tents are waterproof and wind resistant. All tents can easily be adjusted on the day to suit the weather conditions.
  • UT Sports & Festivals Bedouin tents can cater for large groups of people. We can manufacture tents of up to 600 square meters. These tents can easily be joined or left separate to create different settings and venues. It makes for the ideal venue to setup a bar or entertainment area. The tents are ideal for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions and the layout can easily be adapted during the day to suit the weather conditions. Themes can be created by playing with different colours of tents and layouts. Branding and corporate logos can alos be used on the tents.
  • UT Weddings Our experienced team will determine exactly what you need and want for your wedding. Whether you are planning a formal, yet elegant black tie affair, or you're planning on a more casual setting on a beach, at the vineyards or in a forest setting, we have the perfect tents and a wide range of accessories to put the perfect touch on your special day!

    For your wedding, we will assist with both the selection of the correct location for the tent, as well as with the decor, lights and the execution of the event. The tents protects you from the sometimes unexpected weather conditions. The tents are both waterproof and wind resistant. All tents can easily be adjusted on the day to suit the weather conditions.
  • UT Tent Decor A innovate new and funky way to add live to your next event or special occasion. You can add colour, shapes and branding to your tent with smaller pieces of stretch tent fabric that are used in specific lighting. The stretch décor can create a statement and attract attention to any specific area in the tent. Different colour can be used to colour code specific areas.

    When planning your wedding we usually rely on tablecloths, flowers and table arrangements to bring colour and a more cozy feel to the venue, but stretch tent décor can make a much bolder statement. These stretch décor pieces can also be used indoors in for instance an entrance hall or larger assembly hall.
  • UT Light and Flooring We have managed and worked at numerous corporate and social events, our experience makes us experts - ask us for suggestions regarding flooring and lights. We are able to create a variety setting by adjusting the placement and colours of lights and even create focal point pay placing complementary coloured light on the tent or stretch tent décor.
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